About Rugby Baby

As a rugby player and fan for almost 20 years, I was excited by what the 2016 Olympics and rising 7's popularity has done for rugby in the US. Fans and participation-especially for women and youth-have exceeded expectations, and are the fastest growing sports in their categories.

However, I have seen very little improvement in clothing and accessory options the past few years for those players/fans who have children. When I had my first boy in 2011, we received a few rugby themed gifts, but they were either generic ("Peace, Love, Rugby") or just an adult design made smaller and put on a bib ("Give blood, play rugby").  Cute enough, but I kept wishing there were better options.

Once I got pregnant with my second in late 2015, I decided to do something about it.  I want to capture the playfulness and dedication of the sport with the cuteness of the babies that will be wearing them!

That is the birth of Rugby Baby!

Boston University
Hartford Wild Roses
Ft Miami
Gypsy Rugby 

Trinity College Women's Rugby
Florida Gulf Coast University Women's Rugby
FL 7's High Performance Development - Women